Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Meadow

♥ The Meadow ♥

I sit quiet here amongst them
In the pastel morning light
The ancient meadow fairies
Full of sweetness and delight
They tend the purple clover
From the backs of honeybees
While the scent of newborn rosebuds
Is wafting on the breeze
They deftly draw the nectar
From each flower as they go
As the mild breath of morning
Gently blows them to and fro
The air is growing warm now
And I wish that I could stay
In this sweet enchanted meadow
Where these ancient fairies play.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}


  1. Dawn, It is wonderful to see your work showcased so Beautifully...Helena ~.^

  2. Dawn this site is so beautiful and inspirational. Keep it up as it is truly a gift to have the power to make people smile. xxx