Thursday, March 31, 2011

Timeless Grace

♥ Timeless Grace ♥

These aged ones of timeless grace
Born in the daybreak's speckled sunlight
Arose in twilight's lingering mist
To dance in the forest primeval
Green & thick with age
They smell of velvet moss & time
Their leaves, set alive by a caressing breeze
Flicker like emeralds in the sun's gaze
They hold within, all the ancient secrets
And whisper them only to the indigo sky.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}
© 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sapphire Tears

♥ Sapphire Tears ♥

Soft, sapphire tears
Like warm raindrops glisten
Slipping gently over the curves of her face
Each one telling the tale of her heart
One for longing
One for sadness
And one for love untied
She wears her heart not on her sleeve
But upon her cheeks.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}
© 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Painted Morning

♥ Painted Morning ♥

Morning slips gentle from the night
She draws the coming day in pastel colors
Her easel the sky
Her paints, the tender new rays of sun
Her brush strokes broad
New beauty revealed
The day begun.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Midnight Whispers

♥ Moonlight Whispers ♥

She draws the darkness 'round her
Taken by the night's soft seduction
Listening in the moon cast shadows
He whispers to her words unspoken
A new love's long awaited touch
And her heart's no longer hers.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}
{Copyright: 2011}
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{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}
{Copyright: 2011}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Seashore

"The Seashore"

The seashore is my hearts quiet haven
This place where I can lose myself
And tuck time away as if it can not touch me
The air is the color of mist & clouds
All blues and greys and greens
Here the water gently reaches for the shore
Like the tentative hands of a new love
Only the sound of the seabird
Cuts through the misty silence
As if to tell the world
His timeless tales of the sea.
{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gina's Garden

♥ Gina's Garden ♥

Stepping lightly through Spring grasses
The garden fairies make their way
Bringing with them all their magic
On this very special day
Each fairy sprinkles diamond dust
To make the flowers grow
And bright Spring colors decorate
Each and every lovely row
They then let loose the butterflies
All gossamer and light
And every fairy makes a wish
With all her tiny might
In the sun her garden glistens
Nothing has been missed
Now every flower that grows here
Has been sweetly fairy kissed.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}