Tuesday, February 8, 2011


♥ Awakening ♥

The morning warm & gentle comes
Sunlight settles like a warm embrace
And like soft fingers comes to waken
Touching every fairy face
They climb upon the toadstools
Their tiffany wings to dry
And when the sun has warmed them well
It's time for them to fly
To gentle tend the flowers fair
And the forest mossy green
With love they do their fairy work
And with magic go unseen.

{Written by: Dawn Litchfield}


  1. Aww, I LOVE it Dawn! You have a very good way with words... Looking forward to reading some more from you xx xx

  2. beautiful Dawn, you are amazingly talented xx

  3. Nike got it sorted for me (LOL) - you know how I feel about your poetry Dawn, but I'll say it again so everyone can see. It's just beautiful and I can't wait for you to post some more. MWAH MWAH xxxxx

  4. I love your poetry hun! and you. xoxo